Lisa Napier


So what is my part in your big day…

Well you’ll hear Alexis and I jokingly refer to each other as Boss and Slave, notably she the boss and I the later, Slave haha.

This is the descriptor of our team work, she inspires and I follow, often with a heavy tub in hand. We intuitively understand what our tasks are to successfully execute your bespoke wedding, but what’s it without a little fun and banter.

If you imagine the movie Yes man, I would be the female cast role, as my “heavy lifting” can be performed in various tasks or solutions on your day. If there’s anything you need done, count on me, I’ll go above, (as high as 10ft to hang bunting) and beyond (child minding during speeches) to assist in making your day as relaxing as possible.

My professional back story is that, I’m back to my roots, having just moved home from Johannesburg where I was channeling my creativity through graphic design and being apart of an incredible project and conference event that hosted up to 5000 people within 3 cities, respectively.

This is what sparked my desire to get into wedding and events co-ordination. Finding that I wanted to step back from my computer screen and be present in real time, hands-on labour of love, making your occasion absolutely perfect. As what makes this industry innovating, is that of the people we meet and interact with.

Notably I haven’t permanently unplugged from my computer, as I can also be apart of your day through designing your stationery.