Alexis Yapp


…what is my favourite part of a wedding?

This is a question that I get asked all the time, and after attending hundreds of weddings my answer is still the same…. I love the moment when the bride arrives at the chapel and is getting ready to walk down the isle with her Dad, I have a lump in my throat every single time. Why this moment? This is one of the very moments that I remember from when David and I got married, I was standing in front of the chapel with my Dad and all of a sudden I felt completely overwhelmed with emotion.

honestly love what I do, every Bride and Groom, every wedding, every corporate function and every day is completely different. Whether I am searching for new ideas, researching new trends, resourcing that one item that you know will make your day perfect or running you to a dress fitting or make-up trial… THIS is what I love.

There is so much potential within the industry to create something extraordinary, unique and definitely Surreal. I constantly look for a new trend or that new quirky little element to add to your special day.

A few words about me…?

I am a passionate, outgoing, calm, a perfectionist, organized (maybe a little OCD)! I am a meticulous person and nothing is to big or small and I am happy to help with anything, and no is never my first answer! I will always see what I can do for you.

I have been involved with functions for over 12 years now, everything from team building, Christmas lunches, year end and award functions, weddings, birthday parties and so much more. David and I are a great team and I think that is what makes my job so much easier, having your partner, husband and best friend right beside you every day is a real win!